ZeeMee: Bring Your College Application to Life

November 1, 2016  |  Admissions

ZeeMee-logo-orangedarkHood College is excited to announce our partnership with ZeeMee, an application supplement that allows us to get to know our prospective students – even those who aren’t able to visit campus – better than we ever have before.

ZeeMee is a free service that allows students the opportunity to set themselves apart from their peers and show admission counselors who they are outside of the classroom. They can post photos to showcase their passions and interests, write about how they spend their time once the final bell rings each day, and create short videos to introduce themselves and add a little bit of their personalities to their applications.

In addition to creating their profiles, students can also use ZeeMee to connect with admission counselors (everyone in our office has an account!), find other students with similar hobbies, and chat within their campus communities.

ZeeMee is an optional (but highly recommended) supplement to each student’s application, and the Common Application contains a section for students to post a link to their unique ZeeMee stories.

For more information, visit ZeeMee’s website at www.zeemee.com.