Welcome! February News and Updates

February 7, 2018  |  Uncategorized

DSC_2126Hello, and a (belated) Happy New Year! We hope that your new marking periods have been off to a great start – and hopefully not too hectic!

Our class of 2022 is shaping up quite nicely, but there’s still plenty of time for your students to join our Hood family! With the start of the spring semester, we are continuing to accept and review applicants for our Fall 2018 term. Applicants are automatically reviewed for merit-based scholarships upon applying, and our financial aid team is hard at work to get financial awards out to all of our accepted students.

We are excited to announce the following news from Hood College:

  • We will be welcoming the best of the best to campus on February 10 for our prestigious Scholars Day. These students will have the opportunity to interview for three full-tuition scholarships covering their four years at Hood. For more information about this outstanding scholarship, click here .

  • We’re going to be hitting the road soon for Spring travel season! If you’d like to have Hood College represented at any school-wide, regional, or even statewide fairs, reach out to us at admission@hood.edu or 301-696-3400.

  • It’s almost time for Hood to host our Shared Studio Portal! For more information about this incredible, immersive experience to allow visitors to communicate with others across the globe, click here .

  • We are proud to introduce the Kozo and Martha Hearn Shimano ‘86 Scholarship. This scholarship is geared toward international students attending high school in the United States, providing additional funding to help make Hood College more affordable for those who typically are not eligible for federal and state financial aid.