Spotlight on Study Abroad

February 1, 2017  |  Majors

Ethan Chase, SpainAt Hood College, we prepare students not only to excel in their desired career paths, but also to become positive forces for change in their communities and across the globe. In addition to requiring all students to take a “Global Perspectives” course to increase their understanding of other nations and cultures, Hood also provides students with the opportunity to study abroad.

The study abroad program at Hood gives students the chance to expand their understanding of the world we live in in a way that aligns with their goals for the future. Students can spend a week, month, semester or even a full year in the country of their choice, and Hood faculty members and staff work with students to help them find programs that fit their academic needs and schedules while also fulfilling their desire to learn more about a specific country. Additionally, faculty members have led cohorts of Hood students on trips over the summer months to participate in intensive hands-on and research-based projects, including assisting on archeological excavations in Italy and Turkey, gaining social work field experience in Ireland and conducting research at the Bibliothequé Nationale de France.

Over the past few years, Hood students have studied abroad in dozens of countries spread over six continents. A few of the more popular destinations include Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina, England, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Morocco, Israel and South Korea. While students are welcome to create their own study abroad experience and travel individually, Hood also has partnerships with a number of larger programs, allowing Hood students to travel and take classes with a group of students from other colleges and universities in the United States.

This year, a sophomore at Hood has embarked on “Semester at Sea,” a 105-day voyage where students sleep, eat and learn on a ship that sails around the world. This “floating campus” is visiting 11 countries on four continents over the next few months, and students are able to take field classes, day-long experiential learning opportunities in the countries that they travel to.

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