Shared Studios Portal

April 4, 2018  |  Uncategorized

A visual of the portal courtesy of Shared Studios.

Since March 19, we have had an addition to our campus – a large, golden addition! The portal, which will remain on campus until our Accepted Students’ Day on April 7, allows our students, faculty, and staff to communicate with other people in portals across the country and the world! There are a number of opportunities to talk with people from Afghanistan, Mexico, Rwanda, Honduras, and even the United States, among others.

Visitors to our portal are invited to participate in “open sessions,” which is casual dialogue about anything that participants would like to learn about the other culture! The portals abroad come with translators that allow for efficient communication. Professors are also taking advantage of the portal, having some classes where Hood students will interact and ask questions pertaining to their course and the country on the “other end” of our portal.

We’re even getting our little ones involved – the children from our child development lab are spending some time in the portal, talking to other children from a daycare in Mexico City. The portal is a great, culturally immersive experience for all ages, and we’re very excited to have this innovative technology on our campus.