Joining the Hood Community as a Transfer Student

May 2, 2017  |  Uncategorized

Students who transfer to Hood College are able to live in residence halls on Hood’s campus or commute to class from off-campus housing. For students who prefer to reside on campus, there are three residence halls specifically for sophomore, junior and senior students. While the dorms are traditional “hall-style” residences and are generally set up to allow for two students per room, transfer students are able to request a single room if they prefer to live alone.

For students who prefer to commute to Hood from an off-campus residence, there are designated places on campus for commuter student parking, lockers for storage during the day, and a commuter lounge for students to spend time between classes. The lounge contains a kitchen for those who prefer to pack a lunch from home, as well as couches, televisions, and study areas. This fall, Hood will be implementing a new parking plan to allow additional space on campus for commuter students to park their cars.