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Making a Major Decision

April 1, 2016  |  Majors  |  No Comments

Being a high school senior is tough – in addition to navigating the ins and outs of high school life, students are in the midst of making one of the biggest decisions of their lives so far: where to spend their next four years. On top of that, many seniors are still trying to figure out what they want to study, which can be a daunting task.

Hood College currently offers more than 30 majors and 48 minors, so incoming students have a lot of options to choose from. Because it’s such a big and exciting choice, many of our students do come in undecided – which is just fine, because they don’t have to officially declare a major until the end of their sophomore year!

A comprehensive list of Hood’s majors, minors, and programs can be found here. Students also have the option to “create” their own major by working closely with their academic advisors to select the courses that most specifically apply to their intended career path. In fact, one of our growing majors, Integrated Marketing Communications, was first the creation of a student who wanted to combine her love for business and communications, but didn’t have time for a double major. She worked with her advisor to make an individual program that fit her needs, and the idea caught on with so many other students that Hood created the official IMC major.

In addition to creating their own programs, Hood students are able to customize many of their majors by selecting a specific concentration for greater depth in their chosen field of study. Even majors that don’t provide official concentrations, such as Latin American Studies or Psychology, offer a wide variety of electives that allow students to really explore their specific areas of interest.

For more information about the academic programs at Hood College, you can access this year’s course catalog here.

Living and Learning in Frederick, MD

April 1, 2016  |  Local  |  No Comments

One of our students’ favorite things about Hood College is our proximity to Downtown Frederick. With dozens of great restaurants, a 44-acre park, and more than 30 local businesses within walking distance, Hood’s location is undoubtedly one of its best features.

During the warmer months, students can venture just a few blocks to Baker Park for free concerts, impromptu frisbee games, or a swim in the community pool. When it gets cold outside, The Weinberg Center hosts speakers, concerts, and plays that provide great opportunities for field trips or just a night on the town.

Frederick’s “First Saturday” celebrations are also a great opportunity for Hood students to explore their new home. On the first Saturday of each month, Frederick’s locally-owned shops, restaurants, and galleries stay open late, and each month has a special theme – from September’s “Dog Days of Summer” (where Frederick residents bring their canine friends for dog-friendly costume contests, free treats, and more) to chilly February’s “Fire and Ice” event (complete with dozens of ice sculptures displayed throughout the streets of Frederick). In recent months, Hood’s Campus Activities Board has orchestrated group outings to the First Saturday events, allowing new and returning students alike to make some new friends on their walk downtown.

Downtown Frederick also provides a plethora of volunteer, job and internship opportunities for our students, as well as great destinations for class trips. Over the past few years, Hood students have secured employment at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, The National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and Love and Company (a local marketing agency), among many others.

For more information about the City of Frederick and local events, please visit the Downtown Frederick Partnership website.